Thursday, April 28, 2011

EVA SALVE >>>Rejuvenating your skin

Goodbye Anti Aging Creams!! Hello  Eva Salve The best thing since slice bread... hahaha.. I mean it Nourishes and tones the skin, Eva Salve is high in calcium, fluorine, and potassium phosphate which is essential for maintaining proper elasticity for the skin..Apply Eva Salve all over your body and you will start to see a difference. Eva Salve is good for anything that has to do with the skin, mosquito repellent, cuts, and discoloration. When using Eva Salve  the freshness that you feel is out of this world!! Your body feels lighter.. Your skin is bright and clean!! Throw away those Anti Aging creams and say HELLO to EVA SALVE!! 

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  1. Once you have acquired the desired results, do you have to continue using it daily?

  2. any cure for vitiligo

  3. Eva Salve is amazing! I use it to relieve muscular and joint pain. It works like a charm. Wish I could buy it by the gallon!!!