Thursday, April 21, 2011

                       GREEN FOOD PLUS

Green Food Plus is a Multi-mineral which consists of native plants from Africa, Mexico, and The Americas, designed to minimize your appetite,when we mean "minimize your appetite" it doesn't necessarily mean you'll never get hungry, it just means because of all the minerals this herb contains it fulfills your appetite. In addition to the Green Food Plus it also addresses the heart, brain, central nervous system and blood.

                  H1 FEMALE NOURISHER

The H1 Nourishes the female endocrine reproductive system to aid in hormonal balance.  The H1 Female Nourisher also improves the fertility and overall sexual appetite that are decreased by an unhealthy female reproductive system. Ladies start your engines!

                       MAYA TABLETS

The Maya Tablets is a blood nourisher and purifier; it contains fourteen different native plants that are high in iron phosphate and trace minerals. Without iron we cannot breathe oxygen, The breathe of life! Oxygen carries the minerals to the cells of the body.. 

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  1. These are a "must have" for me!

  2. Has anyone had results with the female nourisher product thinking of buying it

  3. Yes we had a woman that couldn't get pregnant and she started taking the H1 and now she has three children... But besides the H1 helping your reproductive system it is a Multi-Vitamin specifically designed for women!! So yes you should use it ;-)

    1. dr sebi i need ur help, my girl and have being into a relationship for sevens with a child and bothers us so much. she had a miscarriage once and doctors cut one of her tube out plus she have fribroyds. so you see it is very stressful to us. please help both of us with your products. i think i need help with my sperm count. at my work place they tease me everyday that i cant get my girl pregnant so am so when i come across your websit. am await your response! my emai address is

  4. When i say "Specifically Design for Women" that in tells reproductive system, and all your organs!!

  5. do you think it will work for me,i had two ectopic pregnancies and have been scared since then to try to get pregnant.

  6. I would like to know how long it takes to work?

  7. I live in the Bahamas and I am going to be 28 in one month I have been using H1 Female nourisher for about a month now I have never been pregnant ever will this work for me will i ever get pregnant???

  8. does this work for fibroids.

  9. hi i am from the bahamas i have been married for 5 years now and my husband really want a baby and so do i we have been trying oaver and over and have not gotten pregnant.i have never taken any form of birth control can you please tell me what poduct i can take and how long woul it take to wk thank you in advance please do reply!!

  10. Hi I have been married for 3 1/2 years and was trying to concieve from the night of honeymoon. My I even had a surgery for cyst, fibroids, and endo. It has been two years now since my sugery I want to know what can you help me with because I still have bad cramps I started to use the seamoss and chelation. Starting a cleanse first. I read about the h-1 female nourisher so will this or could this be my next step? email me thank you

  11. Greeting Dr.Sebi,

    I have had one of my breast removed in 2003. I went to see my doctor the other day, about replacing the breast with my own tissue from the stomach, I still thinking if this procedure is wise.

    Do you have any herbs that will regenerate tissue back in the lost breast. I have listen to one of your video and I was impressed that a woman breast grew back. Anything is possible in God's eyes. look forward to here from you. God bless you and family thank you. miss sony

  12. Please could you tell me what's in Greed food Plus? Are the ingredients organic?

  13. Hi Dr. Sebi. My mother and i have been following your nutritional plan for about 5 months and its changed our lives completely. So i was wondering, can diet be used to even reverse and repair Chiari Malformations. If so, could you explain how

  14. I really am interested in the female H1 Nourisher and the effects please can anyone confirm if it has helped their fibroids, or can any consultants answer.

  15. I am 60 years young, I been using
    the products since march of 2013. I
    first detox then continue using the
    green food plus and viento. I have
    lost 40 lbs this was my weight in
    1972. my blood pressure is 107/70
    my skin glows, energy off the chart.
    mind you i eat sleep and drink dr.
    sebi diet. all foods and 1 gallon
    of water a day. my mission is to help and support my entire family to
    this way of life. thanks jay for
    taking my orders for the compounds

  16. thats good some of yor plants are latin use that i would use am central american you are good dr sebi

  17. chicas u must must read n chicos just eat right vegan diet lots of alkaline water guanabana is good god bless

  18. Dr. Sebi products are the best. I am 46 for Los Angeles, CA. I first started with the overall cleansing in 2005. All I can say is I looked and felt better than EVER! Pleanty of water of course. Me though, I was lucky enough to be in the LA office in 2205 and Dr, Sebi walked down the stairs !!! That was exciting. So, 9 years later guess what? I'm still going back , I just went this past Saturday 5/1/14. Knowing it's a long shot I always say when I walk in " IS DR. SEBI HERE?" hoping he'll walk down those stairs again. Dr. Sebi where you be (lol) I want to meet you officially and thank you! One more thing when I take this product everyone notices a pleasant change in my everything.... You've got to get it!
    On Saturday I got the HI female Nurish because Kaiser can't give me what Dr. Sebi can. No lie.

  19. Hi Dr. Sebi. Do you have a video or article detailing a holistic approach to fertility? Like a couple other posters, my husband and I are struggling with fertility. We will try the products your associate recommended. My husband has eating vegan, with the foods you recommend. But I wanted to get some additional information and other helpful lifestyle tips. Thanks. klhad@att,net

  20. Does the Dr. answer any of the questions

  21. Hello Dr. Sebi,

    I took the female nourisher for 1 month. The following month I was two week late for my menses. I thought I was pregant but none of the test were positive. Is this normal? Could I be pregnant? Are there herbs in the concoction that could stop cycles? I read that the herbs last in your system for 2 weeks after you stop taking them, is this true? That is the only thing I could think of as to why my cycle was two weeks late. Please advise....